Tricia Monfrey

Jewelry, book arts, bookbinding

Patricia “Tricia” Barnett Monfrey

When I was eleven years old I took a world globe I received as a Christmas gift, and not seeing a ready use for it, improved it with my own expression of pop art via decoupage. I think it was an early predictor of my true calling, because while my formal studies were directed at acquiring the degrees that allowed me to support myself, I have always been a maker at heart… glue and paste were just first loves.

I have learned my craft at the knees of master teachers, many of whom I found through the Craft Guild of Dallas. Currently, in my metals studio, I am creating cuff links and belt buckles. A love of old book bindings, led me to save them for new use; I call those saved editions, book boxes, good for treasures that tell new stories or just to hide secrets.

A late friend, fuzzy and four-legged, was named Happy, and in his honor, I call my studio the Happy Girl Studio.

11. Happy Girl Studio
6915 Northwood Road
Tricia Monfrey
Jewelry, book arts & bookbinding

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