Sculpture / Weaving / Fused Glass / Clay

Adriana Cobo-Frenkel

My art is also an expression of my training in the sciences. Nature has influenced the abstract, organic forms and smooth shapes that I have given to my designs and sculpture pieces.

Growing up in Northern Chile, a land of desert and rocks, had a great impact on my life. I became fascinated with nature, the Pacific Ocean, and the mountains. Primitive cultures and their expression in art had so much in common. There was a link among them: a love of the earth and the need for leaving on the objects they created an artistic touch.

Early in my work, I chose clay and then marble as my media. Clay brought me peace and tranquility at a time when my four teenage daughters growing up challenged my life.  I started marble in 1987 a very challenging, nonetheless very rewarding material.

I started to take art courses in the 1970s. The first course I took was at SMU under one of the most creative and inspiring women I have ever known: Ann Mcgee Cooper. She gave me the confidence and encouragement I never had in High School. After many art courses some at Brookhaven College and others at UTD I went to Pietrasanta, Italy in 1987.

I was encouraged to go to Pietrasanta by another mentor who saw me burnishing (polishing with an Agatha stone) the primitive clay pieces I was working on at that time. He was Mel Fowler a marble sculptor who suggested that I could consider polishing marble after polishing clay.

3324 Camelot Drive
Adriana Cobo-Frenkel
Sculpture, weaving, fused glass & clay

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