Fused Glass

Judy Schecter

Always expressing myself through various art forms, I have taken classes in stained glass, mosaics, encaustic painting and fused glass. I have found my passion in exploring the boundless possibilities of fused glass, a medium that captivates me with its dynamic interplay of glass in its many forms, colors and textures. As a founding member of La Hoya Glass Artists Studio, I have been creating and refining my skill in fused glass for 17 years.

In the creation of my abstract designs, while exploring the endless properties of this beautiful artform, I am continuously challenged and inspired as the alchemy of color and the transformative power of heat converge to create one-of-kind pieces.

Collaborating with my family of La Hoya glass artists and teaching those new to glass fusing, provides me the best form of therapy.  You can see some more of my work at www. [email protected] or reach out to at [email protected].

10661 Pagewood Drive
Judy Schecter
Fused glass

[email protected]
On Instagram: @judybergschecter

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