Brad Ellis is a mid-career, Texas-based artist whose focus is on abstract painting. Throughout his career he has continually experimented with imagery from tightly rendered, systematic patterns too loosely constructed, expressionistic compositions. He has distinguished himself by embracing the ancient medium of encaustic which is hot wax painting and is a process by which heated bees wax is mixed with pigments and applied to board or canvas and then fused to the surface with a heat source. The pure physicality of the paint combined with various collage elements render distinct textures and surface treatments that energize his abstract imagery with movement and excitement.

Brad earned his BFA from the University of Tulsa and his work is represented by several art galleries across the country. His paintings are included in many prominent private and corporate art collections and has been included in the U. S. State Department’s Art In Embassies Program, where his work was displayed in the Ambassador’s residence in Kampala, Uganda. As well his paintings are featured in two recent books, Texas Abstract, Modern + Contemporary, published by Fresco Books and Encaustic Art In The Twenty-First Century, published by Schiffer. 

#10. Ellis Studio
5606 Del Roy Dr
Brad Ellis

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