Being an artist runs in my family. The need to create and express myself is as much a part of me as my sense of humor. It’s always a little off and maybe more than a little bit off-color. But at the heart of it, what I create is meant to inspire and spark conversation.

I frequently get asked what “style” my art is. My immediate response has always been that it is more of a lifestyle than a style. I don’t make art because I want to… I make art because I have to.

A few of my signature “moves” is my innate ability to layer color and movement in a way that is intended to evoke an emotional response. I work a lot with texture, my actual hands and fingertips and even makeup brushes. (I love the way they whip and swirl paint.)

I am a self-taught artist and self-proclaimed renaissance man. I work mainly with acrylic, however, I love exploring new ways to express myself. I have recently incorporated silk screening and watercolors into my work. I love working with my hands and have even stretched my own canvases sometimes.

Many artists work years to be able to create a style or look that is uniquely theirs. I feel lucky that my “style” has always been there. Over the past 15 years, I have definitely grown, developed, and curated that “feel.”

I don’t paint things. I paint how the world makes me feel. I want people to either love or hate what I produce. I believe Boy George said it best – it’s better to be looked at than looked over. As a creator and an artist, I always give myself the room I need to grow. It’s ok to make ugly things. It’s not ok to sit on the sidelines and not do anything.

10048 Monroe DR
Christopher Box


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