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In the spirit of “just for fun,” I saw some very simple buttons and thought, hmmmm, I could embellish these! Before I knew it, a few hundred had been created.

I have always enjoyed art. I have studied and worked in many different venues, from pen and ink, charcoal, ceramics, and furniture paint techniques, to now button design. I do not sew a stitch, so I find it humorous that I would do any art form with the word “button” even mentioned. As a young woman I worked in the garment industry, so working with something that ties in colors and fabrics is right up my alley. Most every button is somewhat an original. It is challenging and exciting to try not duplicate.

My second passion is animals. I have worked with humane societies for over 35 years. As an event planner, I found an opportunity for great creativity there as well. Events are filled with themes and planning. The more creativity you can bring, the greater chance of success you will have. They are somewhat an art form of their own.

In raising four children, we always had art. We had a large unfinished area where birthday parties were art parties. Too messy to do at home….not at our house. I may have had the largest collection of puffy paint in the Western Suburbs. We had fun. Art keeps my hands busy and my mind clear. I love when I find a new stone or jewel to work with and be challenged to make something beautiful.

This year I added bracelets. It involves metallic leathers & embellishments. It is always inspirational to try something new! 

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