Blown Glass Art


From seasoned trial lawyer to glass artisan, Gary Eisenstat brings the same level of dedication and intensity into the studio that he has taken into the courtroom for years throughout his legal career. Unlike many artists, Eisenstat ventured into the art-making world later in life. “I first tried blowing glass after my wife bought me a few lessons at a local studio as an anniversary gift in 2013. That single gift ignited a creative passion within me for glass that I only knew before as a glass collector.” Eisenstat has spent the last several years training under various local Dallas glass artists and at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning New York. He spends much of his free time on the weekends at the Dallas Glass Art studio, creating new pieces and assisting with public classes. His pieces have been featured in galleries throughout Texas and Florida, and are found in homes of many prominent Texas families and art collectors.

“I love the infinite possibilities that glass presents as a medium in color combinations, sizes, and shapes. You are limited only by your imagination and skill. I often find the process as or more rewarding than the product. Glass making requires total focus and uninterrupted concentration as you dance with the material. I am equally fascinated with how a piece can dramatically change based simply upon the lighting. A piece that is kissed by the sun during the afternoon often looks far different at night or even in the early morning. Very few other mediums are as versatile and lively as glass, not only in its various states during creation, but also once it is completed and displayed.” 

19 Wooded Gate Drive

Gary Eisenstat
Blown Glass Art
(214) 682-9933
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On Instagram: @eisenstat_glass

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