Bronze Sculpture

Jennifer Troice is an accomplished sculptor with a dedicated practice spanning 20 years. Throughout her artistic journey, her portfolio has traversed diverse styles, colors, sizes, and levels of intricacy.

Her artistic endeavors manifest in two distinct design lines: firstly, a family-centric, figurative, and minimalistic style, and secondly, a contemporary cubist approach she has coined “geometric minimalism.”

Jennifer Troice’s initial acclaim as a sculptor arose from the “HELPING HANDS” collection, a series featuring various hands sculpted in expressive positions, conveying a spectrum of emotions and unique messages. This recognition subsequently led to the commissioning of large-scale sculptures by private collectors and public ministries in Mexico City, prominently displayed in both private establishments and public spaces.

The “IN THE DEPTH” collection follows, a bronze series inspired by her underwater explorations during scuba diving expeditions. Each marine species encountered sparked an immediate visualization in its geometric minimalist form, compelling her to recreate them in her studio.

Driven by a passion for wildlife, Jennifer’s current project, “ENDANGERED SPECIES,” seeks to raise awareness about the alarming challenges faced by our planet and its inhabitants. A percentage of the proceeds from this collection is dedicated to supporting Virgin Unite and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, contributing to ongoing conservation efforts.

In 2021, she introduced limited edition colorful pieces derived from various sculptures within her existing collections. Specifically curated selections from each collection are available for purchase, designed to be both giftable and collectible. She invites you to explore these pieces and find joy in their unique artistic expressions.

For a comprehensive view of her complete collections, please visit her Instagram account @jennifertroice. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries or to discuss the possibility of a custom piece tailored to your preference.

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