Etched Glass


At five, Polly Gessell dreamed of living inside the magically lit interior of a 7-Up bottle’s green glass. Today, that same attraction to light infuses her glass carvings – only she explores their opacities and transparencies outside the beverage bottle. Given her technical savvy, extensive geometric palette, and inspired blend of curvilinear and linear forms, she embraces the shapes of the ages. It is through the exploration of light and texture that these shapes dance in a uniquely Gessell style. This Texas resident credits the glass itself as her true mystery and maestro.

The diversity of client collaborations keeps the discovery and delight alive. Each glass-scape educates. Each entry into the blasting booth promises new artistic vocabulary, and each exit delivers a glass gift that Gessell will proudly pass on.

Polly Gessell was chosen in 2023 by the Plano Art Center as their Visual Artist of the Year

#8 Eubank Studio
5523 Del Roy Roy Drive
Polly Gessell
Etched Glass

(214) 616-2430‬

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