Kinetic Sculpture

Jack Schecter: My Concept of BALANCE

The designs in my sculptures represent not only the interconnected elements that are carefully balanced and suspended in mid-air, but by extension, the different elements of our lives:  work, relationships, and personal growth.  These elements are in constant motion, swaying, and rotating in harmony with one another.  Through my artwork, I invite viewers to reflect on the delicate balance we strive to maintain “balance” in our own lives.  The interconnectedness of the elements symbolizes the interdependence of these different aspects, highlighting the need for harmony and equilibrium.  If one element becomes too dominant or neglected, the entire structure can become unstable, just as in life.

The mostly gentle, but sometimes chaotic, movements of each sculpture adds an additional layer of complexity to each piece, as it mimics the ever changing nature of life itself.  The rotation of the elements create a sense of fluidity, reminding us that life is constantly in motion and that “balance” is an ongoing process.

I hope that my work serves as a visual reminder to embrace the ebb and flow of life, to find harmony amidst the chaos, and to strive for a better, or perhaps, a more personally satisfying, balance in life.

10661 Pagewood Drive
Jack Schecter
Metal sculpture

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