Jewelry / Glass

Martha Vaughan

Glass, of all the mediums I have worked in, has proven to be the most fascinating because you are creating with light as much as you are creating with glass. Unlike other art forms which simply bounce light off their surfaces, glass picks up and plays with light – multiplying it, coloring it, reflecting and refracting it. Glass provides a site-specific experience, using the light falling on its location and so changes throughout the day as the sun rises, peaks, and sets, becoming an ever-changing element in a room.

Glass can be a focal point of the room, its signature element. It can make a dark corner come alive as it picks up and softly reflects the ambient light.

I create both functional and decorative work. I believe art should be a part of your everyday life, from the mundane such as glass plates and bowls (yes, dishwasher safe!) to larger glass displays installations which intrigue and inspire you.

My glass, jewelry, and pottery have been shown in multiple juried local art shows, including the Craft Guild of Dallas and Art on the Trail. My silver jewelry has been featured in an international calendar of Exceptional Work in Metal Clay and has won other awards.

6015 Azalea
Martha Vaughan
Jewelry & glass

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