The first time I made a serious attempt to paint, I could feel the first stroke down to the bottom of my toes. Once I began painting everyday in 2015, I found myself looking at every tree, flower, animal and scene as a possible painting. I reimagine the shapes of those leaves; I envision creating flower petals. Now, I strive for drama practicing ever-darker shadows and brighter highlights to add my interpretation to each painting.

I am drawn to the power of bold and bright colors. First learning to paint in oil, I learned the ability to create a wide variety of colors from 10 basic colors paint colors. I have also taught myself to use acrylics and enjoy the colorful layering they can produce. Every now and then, I take an interest in watercolor and with each venture, I learn more about the movement of water and paint, I’m learning to make peace with this medium, too.

My artistic goal is simple, to bring a smile or a happy memory to each of you.

5643 Meadow Crest Drive
Renee Robison


Facebook:  @anartistinbloom
Instagram: @an_artist_in_bloom/

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