For me the art of making is a collaboration between the clay and myself.  My most satisfying making experiences are when I allow an idea to manifest itself through the making process.  Some of my strongest pieces are a result of problem solving when things don’t go as planned.  My work focuses on simple forms that are sensual and evoke a strong, raw beauty.  Often inspired by the curve of the human torso, I also draw on my love of hiking and nature to inspire my work. 

My stoneware vessels are both wheel thrown and hand built then fired in oxidation or Raku.  I like the speed and the one-of-a-kind nature of Raku firing and believe fire is the ultimate collaborator.  Fire is the magic.   With a few exceptions, I do not try to replicate pieces in production.  Each piece is unique. The best compliment I could receive is if a stranger, after picking up my work and considering it carefully, proceeded to say, “This resonates with me.”  In the end, I hope to give the clay a voice that resonates.

#5 Inner Piece Ceramics
4724 Nashwood Lane
Brenda Anderson

(410) 353-3094
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