Abstract Painting

Chris Calvary

Raised in Dallas, Chris recalls, at a very early age, a fascination with color, shapes, lines, texture and all that is abstract.  Having an appreciation for classic art and music, it may surprise most that a good listen for Chris while painting is Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff and Chopin with an occasional mix of 80’s alternative.

“I found art through music and direction from my father.”  His Father, James Copeland Calvary, was an accomplished artist working alongside artist greats like Lee Krasner, Willem de Kooning, Frank Jones and Jackson Pollock.

Later, when studying psychology, Chris found commonality with the great Swiss psychiatrist Herman Rorschach, known for developing a set of ink blots to identify various unconscious parts of a person’s emotional state and personality based on the patient’s interpretation of the ink blot.  “I could identify with that. I feel different emotions when viewing certain images and colors.  That’s the point of abstract, one’s interpretation and perspective that evokes their emotions”. Chris added, “my mother Shirley was my biggest motivator, always encouraging me by saying I had a great talent for sketching and paint.  To this day she proudly has his first works hanging in her home.

With 70’s architectural style and design influence, personal artistic expression came natural to Chris.   He began his artistic journey at 14 years of age and interestingly, one of his first commissions was from Dallas based real estate developer and art collector, Raymond Nasher. “I have been so very blessed in spite of not showing at conventional galleries, depending on good old-fashioned word of mouth” says Chris. That has served him beautifully for over 20 years.

With a vast clientele ranging from television personalities, personal friends including Troy and Janet Dungan, business men and women such as luxury interior designer Julie Guidry, sports figures, attorneys, doctors and various art enthusiasts Chris says, “I have forged some beautiful relationships along the way.  I love meeting new clients in the hopes of bringing color, vibrancy, beauty and positive energy into their homes or business through my art.” This is what speaks of Chris Calvary Abstracts.

10661 Pagewood Drive

Chris Calvary
Abstract Painting
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