Abstract Painting

Chris Calvary

Chris’ artistic journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity, exploring new horizons, and redefining the conventional norms of artistic expression. The ability to captivate and engage viewers lies at the core of his creations, establishing a profound connection between the observer and the artwork.

As an artist, Chris navigates the delicate balance between imagination and reality, seeking to unravel the threads that connect these seemingly disparate realms. His work serves as a visual exploration of the intricate dance between the tangible and the ethereal, inviting viewers to contemplate the subtle interplay of elements that shape our perceptions.

Inspired by the human experience and guided by an intuitive process, he embraces spontaneity and experimentation, allowing the materials to shape the narrative through his chosen medium, whether it be painting, sculpture, or photography. Through his creations, he evokes a sense of wonder, encouraging viewers to reconsider their perceptions, interconnecting imagination and reality.

At an early age, finding inspiration in the dynamic intersection of art and architecture, while sketching at NorthPark Center, Chris was approached by a man inquiring about his work. That gentleman, real estate developer and art collector, Raymond Nasher, would soon commission one of Chris’ earliest works.

Through each individual creation, Chris offers a rich tapestry of textures, colors, and form that evoke self-discovery and expression. By embracing the unexpected, his work becomes a dialogue between intention and chance, a reflection of the unpredictable beauty found in the synthesis of chaos and order. In the realm of abstraction, He invites interpretation and personal connection.

With clientele, from art collectors, television personalities, sports figures, and business men and women, Chris’ artwork is characterized by an innovative and versatile use of imagery, texture, composition and design to create compelling masterpieces locally and abroad.      

10661 Pagewood Drive

Chris Calvary
Abstract Painting
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