As I redirect my creative energy from Illustrating to painting, I am advancing fearlessly into a more contrasting, e

A professional artist since graduating from SMU in 1966, Mary Grace Eubank is an internationally recognized, award-winning Illustrator with over 100 published Children’s books and games. After 50+ years of playfully employing the magic of whimsical characters from Big Bird to Barney, Mary Grace is advancing fearlessly into a more contrasting, spontaneous boldness in the Fine Arts. Using primarily oils and mixed media, she is creating impressionistic pieces that are every bit as enchanting as the illustrations that garnered her career. Her paintings reflect an expressive, soulful dialogue that is symbolic enough to unleash personal perspectives, but subtle enough to invite individual opinions and emotions. She is still illustrating stories but in a more visual narrative.

Working for Sesame Street in New York for over 20 years opened doors to countless opportunities in the Children’s entertainment industry. Mary Grace redesigned or created games for pioneers like Fisher-Price, Milton Bradley, Mattel, and Hasbro. She illustrated books for Random House, Simon and Schuster, Western Publishing (Golden books), McMillan, and the top Christian book Publishers. As a lauded member of the industry’s fraternity of accredited illustrators, Mary Grace was invited to attend book signings and talks at book stores, libraries, churches, and schools.

Since retiring, Mary Grace is enjoying the departure from restrictive, commercial categorization and exploring looser, freer, artistic techniques with a style that is both versatile and contemporary. Her distinctive approach ranges from traditional to expressionistic as she creates thought-provoking abstracts, scenic landscapes, colorful still lives, and impressionistic portraits. From her studios in Dallas and Cordillera, Colorado, she is inventing pieces that are winning competitions, attracting collectors, and providing unique pieces for interior designers.

Mary Grace’s current work and journey is featured in the 2021 Summer and Fall editions of Dallas/Fort Worth Style and Design magazine. In April, she will present a collection of her integrated approach in a solo exhibition at Grailey’s in the Dallas Design District. She will return to Colorado this summer with a remake of her successful 2021 show in the Vail Valley in July.

With boundless, optimistic enthusiasm, Mary Grace says, “It is impossible to retire that rewarding sense of artistic discovery that I am blessed to celebrate with JOY every day.”

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