Artist statement:
I am excitedly traveling into a more creative discovery and ambitious redirection through oil painting. I want my art to continue to tell imaginative stories, but I want my subjects to reflect an expressive, soulful narrative symbolic enough for individual interpretation, but subtle enough to unleash personal perspectives, opinions, and recollections. I want to investigate and expose the diversities of the human spirit designated by the beauty and emotion that surrounds me. I hope to evolve into a painter that is on a poetic path to a synergy of scenic exploration, distinct color amalgamation and expressive connection. At my age, the only restriction is time. I find it impossible to retire that rewarding sense of artistic invention I am blessed to celebrate with JOY every day!

Mary Grace is an internationally recognized, award winning children’s book illustrator. With over 100 published pieces from such Publishers as Western Publishing, Random House, Doubleday, Simon and Schuster, Word Publishing, and Oxford University Press. She created the characters and illustrated games for Milton Bradley, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, and Mattel. Her work also included Corporate Image Promotions, Billboards, and commercial characterizations for clients like Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Carnation Foods, McDonalds and many more. She has been featured in numerous  magazines, newspapers, and books such as THE ARTISTS MARKETS, GETTING STARTED AS A FREELANCE ILLUSTRATOR, The CAREER CARTOONIST, and TOP DOGS AND THEIR PETS.

After graduating from SMU in 1966, Mary Grace created Greeting cards for the The Drawing Board, Susan Crane Packaging, and American Greetings. She also illustrated many educational books, dictionaries, and children’s magazines. She freelanced for Children’s Television Workshop in New York for 20+years.Her first published books and games were with the licensed Sesame Street characters. She also illustrated the first Barney books. The majority of her books, however, star her own whimsical characters.

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